Double H Videos: Family Feud Teens

I’m not afraid to say that young, petite smokers are incredibly sexy. Throw in great style, amazing lighting for its time, and some smoke play you get Double H Video’s Family Feud Teens video. I purchased it two weeks ago from SmokingFlicks, and downloaded it flawlessly to my computer. Here are my thoughts about it.

Video Quality
One word of caution about the films from Double H Videos: the picture quality is significantly less than what most of us would expect from a video produced today. I had purchased one of their VHS tapes several years ago, so I had already set my expectations so as not to be disappointed. And with that, I will say I was very pleased with the visual quality of Family Feud Teens!

About 40 minutes into the video, the bulb in the backlight burns out and a man comes from behind the camera to replace it. Not only do we get to see what the backlight looks like, we may also catch a glimpse of Mr. HHVideo himself. I thought it was a bit quirky at first (something that you’d think is easily edited out in the cutting room), but at the end I felt like I had just found a software Easter Egg.

Audio Quality
Despite the description on the SmokingFlicks website to the contrary, the video file that I downloaded had absolutely no audio. It would have been a huge plus to hear these girls talk about their smoking habits in addition to watching, but I have always believed no audio is far better than dubbed music. I certainly don’t fault the producer for a typo on the SmokingFlicks website.

The lighting is amazing. A strong backlight and dark background makes the smoke glow and highlights all traces and residuals. In a few scenes the foreground lighting is a bit soft, casting shadows on the girls’ faces. Overall, the lighting has always been a strong point of Double H Videos, and that certainly comes through in this release.

The Models
Sometimes it is hard to put the name to a face in a smoking fetish video, so I’ll improvise by order of appearance. We do know that two of the girls are sisters, the third is a cousin, and the mother makes an appearance as well.

First Girl – She definitely powers through her cigarette, with a natural french inhale, several nostril and combination exhales, and a few attempts at smoke rings. The strong backlight really brings out her plentiful residuals and talking exhales. She has a very petite build and very attractive face, and for her age and size she definitely is one of the best in her class with her smoking talent.

Second Girl – The second young woman is also an accomplished smoker with a petite build. She offers a great mix of nostrils, cones, snaps, and even an attempt at smoke rings. There are also some residual and talking exhales.

Third Girl – After enjoying the smoking talents of the first two young women, the third is a bit of a disappointment. She appears to be somewhat new to smoking, inhaling only occasionally. When she does inhale properly, her exhales include nostril and cones, and a few partially visible residuals.

Merelda (The Mother) – Though I’m not sure which two girls are her daughters, they don’t seem to have adopted their mother’s style. Merelda certainly powers through her cigarette, and her exhales are voluminous. However most of her exhales are cones and there isn’t much variety.

The highlights of this video are definitely the first two young women who smoke. They each have several scenes, and their well-practiced talent is more than enough to make this video worth purchasing. Gems like these are very hard to find, especially for their age. The lighting helps to bring out the intricacies of their styles. The lack of audio is a bit disappointing, but in my opinion not a deal breaker.

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