The Popularity of the Smoking Woman on YouTube

My girlfriend recently mentioned that since I told her about the smoking fetish, she has started to notice that a lot of men watch her when she smokes in public. While it would be nearly impossible to put a number to it, she asserts that a lot of men may find a woman smoking to be sexy, they just don’t realize it like some of us do.

The proof is readily apparent online, where a young woman can post a video of herself smoking and can, after a few months, garner 100,000 views or more. In fact, some young women have attained such a following on the internet that they spin off their popularity into a new business. One such example is the lovely YouTube user MsInhale:

This video, posted two years ago, has received over 100,000 views and an average of five stars. MsInhale, like many other young women on YouTube, discovered by accident that posting a video of herself smoking was a great way to attract an audience. After collecting a sizeable following, she recently expanded her business.

An even better example is that of Emerald who, with 1,100 subscribers, has one of the most viewed smokey videos on YouTube (nearly half a million views):

So in light of this I feel a bit less lonely in the world as a smoking fetishist. And for the ladies, take a look around next time you light up a cigarette, you might find that you have attracted a mesmerized audience as well.

My First Smokey Sex Experience

Just after I graduated from college, I met a young girl at a concert whom I saw chugging away on Marlboro Reds all night long. She was a bit shy, but I bought her a drink and we started talking. After a few more drinks she invited me back to her parents house (she was still living at home), but she explained that her parents were out of town. She smoked several more cigarettes on the way to her house, but when we arrived I learned she wasn’t allowed to smoke inside (her parent’s rule). We had sex in her bedroom, nothing exciting but it was nice to get the awkwardness out of the way early.

Immediately afterwards, she declared that she needed a cigarette and we went into her enclosed patio. She chain smoked three or four cigarettes, and somewhere in the middle of the second cigarette, I worked up the courage to open mouth kiss her just after she had taken a drag. She started to move away to exhale the smoke when I said “It’s ok, just give it to me”. We made out for the next hour filled mostly with smokey kisses.

As the sun started to rise I realized I had to get to work (I had after all just started this new job!). I left but we agreed to meet up that evening at my place where smokers are totally welcome.

Zooming ahead about 12 hours, she arrived dressed very elegantly. After a quick dinner, where she chain smoked nearly the entire time, we went back to my house and started to make out again. Many smokey kisses later we were in bed having sex. She had just finished a cigarette during foreplay, but during the act she asked if I would mind if she lit up again. Before she had a chance to grab her pack of cigarettes I held one out for her and offered her a light. I remember finding her perfume intoxicating mixed with the smell of smoke, and how she deeply inhaled some drags with almost no visible exhales while others she showed amazing style. We shared another post-sex cigarette and called it a night.

A few days later we talked on the phone and decided neither of us wanted a relationship. That said, it was my first real smokey sex experience.

Smoking Bans Debunked

Finally, academics are speaking out against the smoking bans that are sweeping through the world like an untamed wildfire. I found this article from in which the author (a law professor) takes the arguments that the ban proponents make, and breaks them down one-by-one. Needless to say, there isn’t much left in favor of the bans when he concludes his analysis other than to say that:

The case for smoking bans thus fails… A better approach would be a hands-off policy permitting business owners to set their own smoking policies.

Read the full article to see for yourself!

Smoking Fetish Web Hosting

I have been toying with the idea of creating a sister site to The Smokey Blog that would host original smoking fetish content I have produced over the years. For now the idea is on the backburner, but there are a few things I wanted to share.

During my research in trying to find a virtual web hosting company that A) wouldn’t mind having smoking fetish content hosted on their servers, B) doesn’t cost a small fortune and C) could support the kind of bandwidth and transfer associated with a media intensive site, I found DreamHost.

They offer incredible amounts of disk space (upwards of 100 GB) and tons of transfer (1 TB and more each month), and cost $9-$20/month for the smaller plans. I figured with 1 TB of transfer each month, I could serve up 1 GB of content to each of 1000 users and still have a comfortable ceiling.

So anyway, if you’re in the market for a new host that won’t throw a fit when hosting pictures and videos of lovely ladies enjoying their cigarettes, all without breaking the bank, I’d recommend DreamHost.

Quick Move

The Smokey Blog has moved to its new and more permanent home at They offer much improved bandwidth (both in terms of raw speed and amount of data transfer), and they are actually cheaper than the former blog host I was using. More about all of that in a forthcoming post I promise.

Now we’ll get back to our regular smoke-filled programming! Enjoy the faster site.

Adrianna Smokes is Gone

A little more than a week since my last update on the subject, I must sadly report that it appears that Adrianna and her smoking fetish website have taken a non-temporary vacation from the web. By mid-week when nobody had responded to several messages at her website’s message board complaining about lack of updates and non-functional accounts, I decided to open a formal dispute via PayPal. I figured that a surly e-mail from PayPal would kick something loose, but alas nothing and this morning I escalated it to a claim.

In other words, at least for now, Adrianna Smokes is a site I would definitely not recommend. With no webmaster to respond to login problems (and there have been many posted in the message boards) and with no updates, it would be like boarding a sea-faring cruise ship with no captain and no food.

I would

Highly Recommend
Unlikely Recommend
Not Recommend


this membership to readers.

Specialized Videos Smoke Break Review

After years of following Specialized Videos, their lovely models and high quality products, I recently decided to join their membership site Smoke Break.

The Models
The models are amazing! In every clip and photo that I viewed, the models were all very pretty, no older than mid-twenties, and each their own well-developed smoking style. There are models who have natural snap inhales, nostril exhales, french inhales, combo exhales, and other various aspects of style. They are all clearly smokers in real life (no posers here!), and they all seem to enjoy smoking very much.

As for looks, the models all have a girl-next-door quality to them. They look like the young women you went to high school with, you saw in your college classes, and were friends with at your first job. Most have an innocent quality to them, and for many of them you wouldn’t necessarily take them for being a cigarette smoker. They are, in fact, some of the best looking models I’ve seen in smoking fetish material on the internet.

The lighting in the photos and clips that I viewed is excellent. Without getting too technical, they make great use of well-placed lighting features to highlight the smoke while keeping the model’s face very visible. I saw no problems with exposure (finally someone who makes use of manual exposure, or has a very good automatic setting to eliminate the random fading), and the white balance is well set to bring out the model’s natural skin tone.

Video Quality
Overall, the video quality is great. The site features hundreds of one minute “clips” and two dozen “scenes” (ranging from 4-6 minutes in length). None of the video files (all in MPEG format) contain visible compression artifacts. Most of the scenes, as well as some of the clips, contain high-quality audio dialogue between the model and the producer focusing on smoking-related topics. There is rarely background music, and if there is it is part of the natural background sound (and not dubbed). The sound pickup is so precise that in most clips it is possible to hear those snap inhales and exhales!

Photo Quality
There are thousands of photos available on the website for members in JPEG format. They all appear to be screen captures of the videos (not taken with an independent picture camera), but are well chosen and of high quality nonetheless. The only drawback is the resolution, as the average size of the photos is 600×450. When I join membership sites I am mostly interested in watching the videos anyway, but fans of photos only may find this disappointing.

Update Frequency
The site does not mention anything about the frequency with which updates occur, however during my two week membership so far, the scenes gallery has been rotated (with new videos added) every week. The new material only gets better, and it is production quality footage (compared to other membership sites that offer throw-away cutting room floor style material to their members. As I do with all membership site reviews I will continue to monitor the updates to make sure the new material lives up to the high standards Specialized Video has offered to date.

From what I have seen so far, the gorgeous, talented models and high-quality material is certainly worth $19.95 per month. Specialized Videos in general offers an excellent balance of video, audio, and lighting quality that is hard to find on the internet, and their membership site offers a wide variety of production quality material. I am giving this membership site the highest possible rating, a highly recommended.

I would Highly Recommend
Unlikely Recommend
Not Recommend


this membership to readers.

Update on Adrianna Smokes Membership

One month ago I wrote a review for the new smoking fetish membership site Adrianna Smokes. In the review I mentioned the great smoking style that the young and very attractive Adrianna shares with us. I also praised the simplicity of the website, the speed of the downloads, and the aggressive policy of updating weekly.

Unfortunately, for each of the two weeks that passed following that review, the updates didn’t occur. As of this writing, the next and final update to the website came on August 24 with a couple of new videos and several pictures.

So, in amending the original review, while the quality of the material is great, the frequency of updates falls quite short of the promised weekly interval. That is, in my opinion, not enough to bump my rating from the “Recommended” level. I do fear that since it has been three weeks since the last update we may never see any new material from Adrianna which would be a loss to the entire smoking fetish community. I will continue to follow the website and modify this review accordingly.

I would Highly Recommend
Unlikely Recommend
Not Recommend


this membership to readers.

Double H Videos: Family Feud Teens

I’m not afraid to say that young, petite smokers are incredibly sexy. Throw in great style, amazing lighting for its time, and some smoke play you get Double H Video’s Family Feud Teens video. I purchased it two weeks ago from SmokingFlicks, and downloaded it flawlessly to my computer. Here are my thoughts about it.

Video Quality
One word of caution about the films from Double H Videos: the picture quality is significantly less than what most of us would expect from a video produced today. I had purchased one of their VHS tapes several years ago, so I had already set my expectations so as not to be disappointed. And with that, I will say I was very pleased with the visual quality of Family Feud Teens!

About 40 minutes into the video, the bulb in the backlight burns out and a man comes from behind the camera to replace it. Not only do we get to see what the backlight looks like, we may also catch a glimpse of Mr. HHVideo himself. I thought it was a bit quirky at first (something that you’d think is easily edited out in the cutting room), but at the end I felt like I had just found a software Easter Egg.

Audio Quality
Despite the description on the SmokingFlicks website to the contrary, the video file that I downloaded had absolutely no audio. It would have been a huge plus to hear these girls talk about their smoking habits in addition to watching, but I have always believed no audio is far better than dubbed music. I certainly don’t fault the producer for a typo on the SmokingFlicks website.

The lighting is amazing. A strong backlight and dark background makes the smoke glow and highlights all traces and residuals. In a few scenes the foreground lighting is a bit soft, casting shadows on the girls’ faces. Overall, the lighting has always been a strong point of Double H Videos, and that certainly comes through in this release.

The Models
Sometimes it is hard to put the name to a face in a smoking fetish video, so I’ll improvise by order of appearance. We do know that two of the girls are sisters, the third is a cousin, and the mother makes an appearance as well.

First Girl – She definitely powers through her cigarette, with a natural french inhale, several nostril and combination exhales, and a few attempts at smoke rings. The strong backlight really brings out her plentiful residuals and talking exhales. She has a very petite build and very attractive face, and for her age and size she definitely is one of the best in her class with her smoking talent.

Second Girl – The second young woman is also an accomplished smoker with a petite build. She offers a great mix of nostrils, cones, snaps, and even an attempt at smoke rings. There are also some residual and talking exhales.

Third Girl – After enjoying the smoking talents of the first two young women, the third is a bit of a disappointment. She appears to be somewhat new to smoking, inhaling only occasionally. When she does inhale properly, her exhales include nostril and cones, and a few partially visible residuals.

Merelda (The Mother) – Though I’m not sure which two girls are her daughters, they don’t seem to have adopted their mother’s style. Merelda certainly powers through her cigarette, and her exhales are voluminous. However most of her exhales are cones and there isn’t much variety.

The highlights of this video are definitely the first two young women who smoke. They each have several scenes, and their well-practiced talent is more than enough to make this video worth purchasing. Gems like these are very hard to find, especially for their age. The lighting helps to bring out the intricacies of their styles. The lack of audio is a bit disappointing, but in my opinion not a deal breaker.

I would Highly Recommend
Unlikely Recommend
Not Recommend


this video to readers.

HHVideo Back on the Web

Back in 2001 I purchased my first smoking fetish video from Double H Video (also known as HHVideo). I had long been watching the addition of new material to their website, and decided to order video #26 featuring Chyna. She was a gorgeous blonde with excellent style including great residuals, sensuous nostril exhales, and voluminous cones. At the time I even wrote a review about it for the Smoking Fetish Video Review Archive:

As the description of the video promised, Chyna is definitely one of the more attractive models I’ve seen. The lighting is great, which emphasizes the mouth and nostril exhales very well. However, that’s all there is, mouth and nose exhales. There are a few talking exhales, however after a few minutes you begin to wonder if she is enjoying the smoke, or just wants to get it out…

However, if you are a particular fan of such styles, then this video is perfect for you.

At the time I didn’t have a lot of storage space for the bulky VHS tapes, and they weren’t releasing their work on DVD or for download via the internet. Sadly before I had a chance to purchase any additional videos, Double H Video disappeared from the internet entirely.

A month ago I was very pleased to learn that several of the films from the Double H Video collection were to be sold on SmokingFlicks. The collection isn’t complete (for example they don’t offer the video of Chyna I purchased on VHS), but they currently offer some of the films I had wanted to buy a few years ago. In the next few entries I will include reviews of the films I have purchased for all to enjoy!

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